Melanie Mok

Vignettes x Isael Huard

Melanie Mok
Vignettes x Isael Huard

In partnership with ATB Financial, Vignettes has introduced a new element to the Design Showcase this year: sound design. Each musical track that has been paired with the 14 showcase designs, dubbed the ATB Soundscapes, features the works of some of Edmonton's most revered musical artists. These spotlights give us a closer look at each artist's history, their experience building their craft in our city, and what they think about engaging in new creative collaborations.



What was it like trying to become a successful artist in Edmonton and what were some of the challenges you faced?

It was a challenge to gain traction as a solo artist who started out as a freelance composer and sound designer. However, I feel like Edmonton’s music scene is very eclectic and inclusive.

Since becoming an established artist, how has the Edmonton music and art scene changed?

I am still a student trying to absorb all the knowledge I can, only recently venturing into freelancing. I am ready to start creating and collaborating with emerging and established artists alike. I feel like I’ve acquired enough expertise to finally start bringing something new and intriguing to the music scene.

How important is it to you, as a musician, that Edmonton has events like Vignettes that aim to strengthen the art scene community?

I strongly believe that multidisciplinary and collaborative projects are key to a healthy artistic scene — these contexts provide the framework for very interesting and unique artistic experiences both for the creators and the consumers. Vignettes is without a doubt one of those projects.

In your opinion, why do you think it is beneficial that artists of different fields collaborate on projects like the Vignettes Design Series?

Collaborative work in a multi disciplinary context is a very interesting and fulfilling experience — trying to ‘sell’ your art and ideas to artists with different backgrounds is a very efficient way to anchor your ideas and personal vision as an artist. It is not always easy as an emerging composer like myself or when collaborating exclusively with artists of the same discipline.

What do you think is the best way for Edmontonians to support the growing art and design community in Edmonton?

I think the most crucial thing is attending concerts, exhibits and other events as much as possible. Being active on social media and interacting with artists and events is also a very good way to maintain a healthy artistic scene, being in the Internet age and all. It’s a resource that cannot be overlooked both as a consumer and as an artist.

What are you most looking forward to about being involved in the ATB Soundscape and what kinds of new opportunities did this present to you as an artist?

The collaborative work and the whole creative process of the project is a positive experience. Nevertheless, the end product is motivation as well. Its an inclusive environment that allows creative experimentation and freedom. The possibilities are endless, which is absolutely terrifying yet very fulfilling.

How would you describe the music you created for the Vignette? What kind of process did you undertake to come up with the music? 

My approach involved creating as much as possible with as little as possible. As a film composer, scoring emotions related to visual stimuli comes quite naturally to me. Thus, It was very important that the audio be a support for the designs, reinforcing concepts and their related emotions. The relationship between the audio, the space and the consumer, and their interaction, is at the center of the ATB Soundscapes I’ve created.


Experience Isael's work at the Vignettes Showcase from September 22 to October 15. To purchase tickets, visit